Bellaire Real Estate Funds


Bellaire Real Estate Funds, a premier vertically integrated real estate private equity firm,
enables investors to earn passive income through professionally managed real estate investments,
drawing upon over five decades of industry expertise.

At Bellaire Real Estate Funds, we professionally manage a real estate portfolio with the objectives of:




The manager of Bellaire Real Estate Funds has 12 years of experience in acquiring and operating multifamily properties, historically delivering excellent returns to our accredited investors. We aim to purchase multifamily real estate assets with the potential for generating strong cash flow while increasing rent and improving property values so that we can deliver a stable income stream and excess profits to our investors.

Why Multifamily Real Estate?

Multifamily real estate has proven to be resilient in economic downturns, which has been shown most recently by property performance during the Covid-19 pandemic. In our target asset class of apartment buildings, the average rent collections declined during the worst months of the pandemic by less than 5%. 
The government favors housing over other real estate classes by offering rental assistance to tenants who are unemployed and government loans to property owners to encourage them to invest in apartment buildings. While banks and private lenders cut back lending during harsh economic periods, the government agencies continue to lend specifically for housing. 

On the other hand, office, retail and hotel properties all suffered significant decline in rents and value during the downturn. However, in any situation, people will always need a place to live, creating a constant demand for reasonably priced housing.

Our Goals

We aim to package together for our investors a portfolio of value-add, income-producing properties in the workforce housing sector in order to
achieve our target returns of 15% annualized return (IRR) and a regular income stream of 8% over a five-year holding period.

Stable Cash flow

Target: 8% Paid Monthly

Capital Appreciation

Target: 15% annualized return (IRR) by increasing property value through rental growth

Our Investment Process

We focus on submarkets that have strong economic growth. We identify properties that have the potential to add value, reposition, and raise rents. We seek properties that have operational deficiencies that we can optimize with our hands-on approach to operational supervision and guidance.

Target Markets

Texas: Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, expanding to other submarkets


Value-add, Strong sub-market fundamentals, Hands-on asset management

Economic Growth

We identify markets that have a potential for economic growth


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