As the crisp air and shorter days signal the arrival of winter, we embark on this edition with a shared commitment to fortify our properties against the challenges of the colder season. In the spirit of preparation, this newsletter is packed with invaluable insights and a comprehensive checklist to ensure that our multifamily communities are not only winter-ready but thriving. From safeguarding faucets to securing fire sprinkler systems, each detail is a step towards maintaining the warmth and functionality of our homes. So, bundle up, dive in, and let’s navigate this winter season together!

  1. Faucet Protection:
  • Cover outside faucets with Styrofoam covers. Utilize your site map to identify the location of exterior faucets.
  1. Leak Check:
  • Inspect exterior faucets for leaks. If any are found, prioritize repairs to prevent further damage.
  1. Water Shut-off Boxes:
  • For older properties with water shut-off boxes at building ends, confirm that doors are secured and insulated.
  1. Pool Equipment:
  • Insulate water supply lines for pool equipment exposed to the weather.
  1. Resident Laundry Rooms:
  • Ensure heaters in resident laundry rooms are in working order. Check door closures on entry doors for proper functionality.
  1. Freeze Warning Signs:
  • Have “Freeze Warning Signs” readily available. Deploy them when temperatures drop below freezing, and remember to remove them when temperatures rise.
  1. Plumbing Supplies:
  • Keep a supply of plumbing fittings and pipe on hand for quick responses to unexpected issues.
  1. Water Cut-offs:
  • Familiarize yourself with the location of all water cut-offs on your property and the property you are on call for. Post a map in your shop and office.
  1. Icy Steps & Sidewalks:
  • Stock up on supplies for icy conditions, including ice melt and sand.
  1. Vacant Apartments:
  • Set thermostats in vacant apartments to 65 degrees if temperatures are expected to remain below freezing for an extended period.
  1. Emergency Contact:
  • In the event of a major flood or emergency, know who your emergency contacts are and have your emergency action plan in place.
  1. Fire Sprinkler Maintenance:
  • For properties with fire sprinklers in garages (dry systems), drain all low point drains (Drum Drips).
  1. Control Closet Heaters:
  • Ensure heaters in fire sprinkler control closets are functioning properly. This is of utmost importance.
  1. Anti-freeze Solution:
  • Confirm the presence of the proper anti-freeze solution in fire sprinkler systems where applicable. If unsure, consult your fire sprinkler company for testing.
  1. Weather Monitoring:
  • Regularly monitor weather forecasts and anticipate freezing conditions. In the case of extreme weather and widespread issues, all Maintenance Techs should be prepared to be on stand-by and called in if needed.

As we wrap up this edition, remember that a well-prepared property is the key to a smooth winter season. By implementing the winterization checklist provided, you’re not just safeguarding against the cold but ensuring a cozy and trouble-free living experience for all. Let’s face winter head-on, armed with knowledge and readiness. Here’s to a season of warmth, resilience, and thriving multifamily communities. Stay snug, stay secure, and let’s continue building a home where residents flourish year-round. Until next time, happy winterizing!


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